About my work

„In my paintings  I want to visualise the way I feel when exploring my natural environment. They’re inspired by a multitude of things such as by landscapes I’ve seen whilst sitting on flights as well as the elemental textures and colours I’ve come across in my surroundings. Observing these allows me to think about how terrestrial shapes can occur through “accidents”. 

Rocks, flowers, trees, water, mud and their distinct colours and forms that exist beside each other despite their differences. In my painting I often work with exclusion by drawing objects and then erasing them to explore their transience. 

I want the viewer to experience and see that, even as moments pass, they still have some remaining presence and impact- they have existed. The  layers may not be fully visible but their presence remains. 

My work is very emotional and I strive to find peace within myself in the process of creating it.

My work is like an imprint from the past, it gives the suggestion of physical landscapes without portraying them realistically and instead visualising them as a remaining memory residing in my subconscious.

It acts as my emotional response to the environment. I am fascinated with the way natural shapes, textures and colors coexist around me. They inspire me to create pieces through fortuitous movement. The possibilities of what’s on the canvas are endless, akin to the millions of synapses in my brain. Whatever is created happens intrinsically without concrete deliberate action. I know and feel innately when the painting is finished. 

My work is constantly changing and evolving. It is a process of letting things happen, letting feelings out and working with ideas and material combinations as they occur. 

Drawing, erasing and recreating, changing and rebuilding is integral to my practice.

Whilst my art is predominantly abstract, I also enjoy figure and still-life painting without the intention of achieving perfect realism and instead maintaining a sense of abstraction.


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